Bare Root Succulents

Bare Root Succulents

By Lucy Nguyen


NO Roots on Your Newly Purchased Succulents?


Newly imported succulents are required to have all organic matter removed which often means they will be rootless. Sometimes there will be roots, but often those roots have dried up and will need to rerooted. 


What can you do? 

There are a few options and you will decide which of the method is best suited for your comfort level. 

1) Air propagation is a method I personally prefer. It often means putting your succulent some place propped up without any growing medium. This method is great as it allows you to see if roots are forming and thus minimize the risk of rot. Roots that are formed this way tends to be thicker, ranging from brighter pink to pale pink. 

             It is normal for the outer leaves to be consumed during shipping or when your succulent is trying to reroot. The best thing to do is leave it alone and let it fall off naturally. Full disclosure: it's so satisfying to remove them. 

2) Growing medium is the most popular method. After receiving your succulents, just place your succulent on top of growing medium of your choice. (we will discuss the different mixture another time). It can be planted in the medium if there is a stem that is required to keep it supported. It is very important not to water your succulent until roots have formed. If you water your succulent before  roots are form, there is an increase risks of stem rot. After about 2 weeks, you can lift it up and check for roots. Sometimes if you tug a little and if it gives, that means roots have not fully formed and watering should be held. Giving it some moisture can help promote root growth; it should be kept to a minimal. 

3) Water therapy is a method use for succulents that are very dehydrated from travel or after a long period of time with no root growth. it is important that the stem is hovering over the water and is barley touching it. Dry roots can be in water but the stem itself should not be, as that can lead to stem rot. The roots that are formed from water therapy will die when planted in growing medium. But this method is great to help provide some nutrient, strength to an already stress succulent. The rooting process in growing medium will be more successful. 


For each method, it will take approximately one to two weeks for roots to form. 

Hope this was helpful.

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