Orchids grow terrestrially or epiphytically; originating in tropical Asia.  The Vanda  s made up mostly of warm- and full-sun-growing orchids with colourful flowers. 

Light is a crucial factor in blooming most vandaceous plants. Vandas can be grown outside in summer and in full sun inside during the winter. Be careful to aclimatize plants to avoid burn.

Temperatures for most vandas should be warm; a minimum night temperature of 55° F is recommended

Water should be applied copiously when the plants are growing, but the roots must dry quickly.Water sparingly in the winter or during cloudy weather.

Humidity: 80% humidity is ideal. In the home, place the plants on trays of gravel partially filled with water. Air movement must be strong.

Fertilize applied full strength once a week during warm weather or use a one-quarter-strength solution at every watering. 

For specific more in-depth care instructions, visit American Orchid Society. 


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